A realistic 3D video conferencing experience that will change the way you work remotely

For online education and communication 3d conferencing provides much more than a virtual space. Virtual reality gives a magic touch to your routine work environment. 

Take advantage of 3D conferencing with customized options that is suitable for your organization.

What opportunities does 3D Video conferencing offer?

  • Prestigious offices: In a realistic virtual world it is possible to use award-winning office designs without even paying


  • Lossless communication: Combines the advantages of Metaverse  and face-to-face communication, 3D video conferencing is more interactive and faster.


  • Becoming more digitally integrated: Ability to automatically broadcast online trainings or meetings in your institution in a virtual environment. 

  • A new way to socialize: Opportunity to create an in-house or external social environment, organize virtual shows or workshops, and set up in-house consultancy and coaching sessions

What are the advantages of Vedubox’s 3D Conference modul?

  • A virtual room that you can customize just like you want: A communication space where you can change many things down to small details.

  • A user-friendly software that allows you to prevent unnecessary investment: No need for extra hardware like VR Sets, just enter Vedubox and connect.

  • Access Anytime From Anywhere: Available on browsers and mobile devices like tablets or smartphones with its simple interface.

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