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ViewBoard® 65″ 4K Interactive Screen

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ViewBoard® 65″ 4K

Interactive Screen


The ViewBoard® IFP50 series offers teachers in modern classrooms the most user-friendly interactive interface. The interface, which provides uninterrupted interaction within the first field of view, places everything needed at easily accessible points. Additionally, the screen, which holds an Eye-care certification, benefits from low blue light and flicker-free features at all brightness levels. The ViewBoard® IFP50 series stands out with its synchronized writing performance. You can write fluently with a pen that acts as an extension of your fingertips and use two pens simultaneously to draw in different colors and thicknesses. The built-in myViewBoard® whiteboard application allows you to easily reflect your ideas. The ViewBoard® IFP50 series also has wireless content sharing capabilities. Students can project their screens onto the ViewBoard using the built-in ViewBoard® Cast application or see the ViewBoard image on their own screens. This feature is not limited to one-on-one presentations. Teachers can conduct group activities with a quad-split screen view. Whether you have experienced good or lackluster interaction with digital boards in the classroom, with the ViewBoard® IFP50 series, you can now work effortlessly in classrooms.

UFT Technology

Ultra Fine Touch Technology offers a delay-free writing experience with a paper and pen feel. Real-time response rates, dual pen recognition feature, and new pens with 3 mm tips enable much more precise writing and make teacher-student interaction smoother.


Dual Pen

You can write in different colors and thicknesses simultaneously by automatically detecting the pen diameter (8 mm and 3 mm).


Built-in Performance with ViewBoard OS

It is possible to collaborate with multiple people anywhere using the built-in myViewBoard® digital whiteboard software.


Quad-Split Screen View

Content sharing can be done by splitting the screen into four using the built-in ViewBoard® Cast software.