Zoom is the next generation video conferencing system.

Our Video Conferencing System is used by many institutions in the world. It can be integrated with other video conferencing systems as well as providing 256 Bit Encrypted calls. The software, which is also a collaborative system, has features such as collaborative presentation, file sharing, remote application management, application sharing and recording. It works on Linux, Mac, Windows and Mobile devices.


Online Meetings, Education
and Technical Support

Video Webinar

Marketing Events
and Corporate Business Meetings

Zoom Rooms

Effective Conference Halls

Instant Messaging

Cross Platform Messages and File Sharing

H.323/SIP Konnektor

Move H.323 / SIP Video Systems to the Cloud


  • High quality video and audio: HD quality video meeting is possible.
  • Screen sharing: Any participant can share a screen with the group. The host can allow multiple participants to share their screens at the same time. You can annotate shared screens together.
  • Recording: You can record meetings in MP4 (video), M4A (audio) and text (chat) formats. You can save recordings to your local disk or Zoom Cloud.
  • Mobile Features: You can edit, launch, merge and share screens on mobile devices.
  • Scheduling from Outlook and Chrome: With free add-ons, you can schedule meetings directly from Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

Zoom, the next generation video conferencing system

Optional Add-ons:

  • Zoom Video Webinars: 100-10000 attendees webinars with voting, practice sessions and more
  • Zoom Rooms: A software for holding and managing Zoom Meetings in conference rooms equipped with ready-made hardware (For example Logitech)
  • Zoom H.323 / SIP Connector: Software for holding Zoom Meetings in conference rooms equipped with hardware meeting H.323 or SIP standards
  • Large meetings: possibility to expand to 500-1000 participants



Video Conferencing in the Field of Health

Faster and more effective delivery of health services.

Corporate Video Conferencing

Video communication technologies also enable public personnel to receive training from their homes or places.

Opportunity to Work from the Homes of the Disabled

Solutions for disabled people’s limited opportunities to work outside.

Connection from Mobile Devices

Video conferencing systems can also be accessed from Android and iOS mobile devices.

Working with Video Meeting

Video conferencing systems can provide working with video meetings even at low internet speeds.

Disaster and Emergency Management

Visual communication technologies enable instant communication and transfer status information in disaster and emergency management.

Modern Cloud Business Communications

Zoom webinar features that increase audience engagement

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