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More freedom in online training with the  cooperation of Microsoft and Vedubox

More freedom in online training with the  cooperation of Microsoft and Vedubox

As the only integrated system of video conferencing, online training/distance learning, digital education and LMS with a 100% cloud-based technology, Vedubox eliminates costly and rigid structure in traditional training using Microsoft’s smart cloud platform Azure.

The system, which allows users to join training on digital platforms regardless of location and time, and offers an interface in 16 languages, serves education and consultancy companies, private schools, universities and many government institutions, and especially corporate companies.

Microsoft continues to contribute to the digital transformation of education systems with its innovative solutions and services. Vedubox, which is enriched with innovative methods such as Flipped Learning, Blended Learning, Distance Education and Online Survey, considering the needs of companies, government institutions, courses, schools, universities and private teachers, provides its services uninterruptedly and safely through Microsoft Azure.

Operating under the Etgi Group, Vedubox offers integrated features such as video conferencing, webinars, live lessons/training, SMS, and online payments with the advantages of cloud technology. The system, which has an infrastructure that can serve thousands of institutions and millions of users at the same time, provides a scalable, low cost and quality education service in the world.

Vedubox, which does not require installation thanks to its cloud system, is a platform that serves its customers without the tedious and costly efforts such as server provision, server maintenance, purchasing and updating server software. Thus, institutions receiving training services do not waste time with days of work with difficulties such as security measures and backup.

The Vedubox team is already in the process of implementing new technologies to their systems such as; machine learning, artificial intelligence, chatbot technology, augmented reality and virtual reality, to take the platform to the next level and to make it available worldwide.