9 Ways to Make Online Corporate Training Fun

Online corporate training increases employee success and improves their skills. Organize fun online training to strengthen in-house communication and information flow.

According to research:

  • Since 2011, 80% of employees have benefited from online training.
  • Online corporate training has reduced the time spent on training by 40% to 60%.

Online corporate training offers many benefits for companies and becomes increasingly popular. Thanks to different methods and technologies, you can make your online corporate training fun.

Utilize an Online Education Platform

Easily create online corporate training with online education platforms such as Vedubox. Online platforms are accessible from any device with an Internet connection, thus strengthening digital communication. In addition, online forums and messaging features support social learning. This learning model allows your employees to interact and collaborate with each other.

Create online forums and communities to allow your employees to share their ideas, experiences and questions. Having discussions about the business process, technical issues, office culture or anything related to work increases productivity and motivation.

Use Gamification Techniques

Make corporate training fun with gamification technologies. With this technology, your employees earn points every time they complete an assignment. You can increase participation rates by giving awards or certificates to successful employees who reach certain points.

Short attention spans and limited time make it difficult for employees to learn. Gamification helps every user engage with educational content through games. With the gamification feature, employees constantly interact with both other users and the platform. In this way, both the motivation to learn increases and the learning process accelerates.

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Use Storytelling Techniques

Incorporating an exciting story into your educational content can change the quality of the entire educational process. Stories help provide context to learning. It also serves to reinforce key points in the narrative.

So how can you create stories? You can use your personal experience, imagination or research. These stories help you keep your employees focused on training.

Support Microlearning

Your employees cannot learn intense content in a limited time. For this reason, you should make your corporate training efficient by producing small-sized micro-content. This learning model provides fast information retrieval. It also makes it easier to remember this information.

It is possible to create different types of microlearning content such as interactive short videos, daily informative mails, animations. Prepare your online corporate training content in minutes using digital content development technologies.

Make Entertaining and Informative Videos

Employees are more likely to remember information when they watch it in video form. For this reason, many companies develop video content for employee training. Thanks to the combined structure of audio and visuals, videos appeal to employees with different learning styles at the same time. Moreover, employees can pause, rewind and replay these videos at any time.

Before sharing videos, make sure that the audio and video quality are good. Low-quality video content is distracting and makes learning difficult.

Here are some digital tools you can use to make videos:

Support Self-Paced Learning

Each employee learns the training content in different ways. People’s varying abilities and interests make learning unique for them. Allowing your employees to learn at their own pace creates a quality learning path.

Use advanced technologies that define attention span and produce content accordingly. You can also design a personalized learning path thanks to an advanced learning management system.

Prepare Ice Breaker Games

Employee participation in training and creating an interactive learning space are a necessary part of corporate training. For this, icebreaker games are a good option. These games encourage your employees to learn together.

Playing fun games is effective even when people know each other. In this way, employee motivation and interest increase.

Assign Group Work

The breakout room option allows you to include models such as interactive learning and peer education in online corporate training. Create productive discussion environments by dividing your employees into small groups with this tool.

You can access this feature from video conferencing systems such as Zoom or Zoom-integrated platforms such as Vedubox.

Take Surveys

Collecting feedback about the training process allows you to improve your online training. First, they allow you to discover missing and insufficient areas in your education. Then, it is possible to reorganize your course materials and training methods accordingly.

Your employees gain motivation when they see that you care about their ideas and comments. The participation rate in the training increases as their needs and wishes get taken into account. Online education platforms such as Vedubox allow you to prepare mandatory or voluntary surveys within the system.

Making corporate training fun takes preparation and planning. To summarize, companies can improve their training by benefiting from:

  • online education platforms,
  • gamification technologies,
  • storytelling techniques,
  • microlearning,
  • self-paced learning,
  • ice breaker games,
  • group work,
  • surveys.

Create interactive content for your employees to learn effectively while entertaining. Update your education using different digital content development tools and online education platforms. 

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