Easily create video content with VideoScribe. Design amazing videos by adding animated images, text, music or voiceover with just a few clicks or drag and drop.

As the Turkey representative of VideoScribe, one of the easiest video creation tools in the world, ETGİ Group supports you in marketing, sales, support and training services of VideoScribe.

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Quite easily, quickly and inexpensively using VideoScribe
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Create your own videos with VideoScribe

Make content-rich videos with the easy-to-use VideoScribe several times with your mouse. Using VideoScribe is so simple, the resulting videos are so effective!

Easily create explainer videos, whiteboard animations, promotional videos, training videos, marketing videos and more with VideoScribe. Many international companies such as BBC, Stanford University, The Work Bank, NYC Department of Education, Bosch use VideoScribe.

More than 3000 videos are created per day with VideoScribe, which is used in more than 185 countries today. You can easily create original works with around 8000 ready-made images and over 190 music in the library of the application, which has more than 2 million users. Stream your own music if you don’t want to limit yourself to the library.

Tell your story with videos

With VideoScribe, your business’s success story is now being transferred to digital. You can shoot a special advertising video for your company with 60-second videos and introduce your company to the whole world with this video. Moreover, you do not need to pay very high fees to do this.

You can use VideoScribe, which has a versatile and simple interface, for your private life as well as for your business. In today’s world where everyone has a place in digital, you can create a special space for yourself with the videos you will create.

It's easy to use VideoScribe

VideoScribe is equipped with creative tools to use the limits of your own imagination. So you only focus on the story you want to tell, the app has all the features you need, even when you don’t have internet access. Moreover, you can access your account from multiple devices and work on your design freely.

Choose from the templates in different themes, quickly add plugins such as music, voiceover, picture, text, motion picture to the template with a few clicks.

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