Is AI Voiceover Taking Over Voiceover Market?

Many companies receive voiceover services from voice actors or studios for their needs in different fields such as voiceover for advertisement, promotional films, dubbing, various educations, and many more. However, voiceover services are often costly and require time to be delivered. 

Digital transformation provides us with practical solutions in almost every aspect of our lives. Voiceover services is one of these areas. AI voiceover, or artificial intelligence voiceover, is one of the areas that has made a great progress in recent years by working integrated with machine learning. Today, thanks to various artificial intelligence voiceover services, it is possible to obtain voiceovers with real sounding human voices in many different languages.

Benefits of Using AI Voiceover

Using AI voiceover instead of traditional voiceover services brings two main benefits: time and cost savings.


Perhaps the most important advantage of using AI voiceover service is that it saves you a great amount of time. When you select to receive a traditional voiceover service, you need to wait a while after sending the transcription of the text to the person/institution from whom you will receive the service. When you choose to use AI voiceover, on the other hand, no matter how long your text is, you can receive and modify the sound within seconds and continue your project without losing time.


The second advantage of AI voiceover services is cost savings. In traditional voiceovers, you will have to pay different fees depending on the length and the type of the text to be voiced. However, you can access AI voiceover services at standard and generally affordable fees, and maximize savings by choosing the package and payment plan that suits your budget.


Murf is one of the most well-known and preferred AI-powered voiceover – text-to-speech (TTS) services. Murf AI voiceover service offers more than 120 natural and unique AI voices in 20 different languages. With Murf, you can turn your texts into audios within seconds, download in MP3 format, and use them in podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations. In addition, Murf is a cost-effective and quality solution for creating e-learning content.

With Murf, you have many options for customizing the sounds you create. You can customize sounds as you wish and get better experiences. There are many different aspects of customizing such as using pauses, word stress, changing the pace, and many more. For instance, if you want to emphasize the words as in the real human voice by using the power of AI, you can do this by adding an extra character to the syllable to be stressed.

In addition, you can choose between male or female voiceovers based on the type of text to be voiced and the purpose to be used, so that you can get maximum efficiency from Murf. 

When it comes to the most commonly spoken languages such as English, Spanish, French and Chinese, Murf offers more than two voiceover options in both male and female voiceovers and in different accents. This makes Murf one of the most capable AI voiceover services. Murf continues to use machine learning in its system to continuously add new languages and accents and improve the existing options.

ETGi Group is the authorized seller of Murf and offers sales, training, and support services for the tool. For more detailed information about Murf, you can visit this address and try Murf for free.