7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Zoom Account to Zoom Pro Right Now

The pandemic period has changed many dynamics in our lives. The most important of these dynamics was undoubtedly human relations. Different solutions were tried especially in the business and education world, for employees and students who could not be together face-to-face because of risks.

The most well-known of these solutions has undoubtedly been Zoom. Originally founded in 2011, Zoom had a sudden and massive explosion of demand at the beginning of 2020. Zoom, which was not as popular until that period as today, experienced a hundredfold increase in the number of users only in a quarter. Millions of people have used Zoom in this period to meet, collaborate, and study. Zoom, which has become one of the symbol applications of the pandemic, continues to be used by many institutions and companies. Employees who continue to work remotely and educational institutions that carry out online education and face-to-face education together use Zoom almost on a daily basis.

The main factor in choosing Zoom is the attractive features it offers despite being free. While that’s true, the free version of Zoom also has many restrictions that limit productivity. For this reason, in this article, we will talk about the advantages of upgrading your Zoom account to Zoom Pro.

Run Your Meetings with No Time Limit

“What’s the most annoying restriction that the free version of Zoom has?” If we asked a question like that, the answer most Zoom users would probably give would be the 40-minute time limit. Meetings that have to be restarted after 40 minutes often interfere with efficient work. The time limit, which until recently was not applied for two-person meetings, is now being applied to all Zoom meetings, regardless of the number of people. Therefore, in order to avoid loss of focus in team meetings or trainings that require serious collaboration, you can upgrade your account to Zoom Pro and hold your meetings without time restrictions.

Live Streaming Option and Webinars

Although the word webinar, which is formed by combining the words web and seminar, entered our lives in 1998, most of the seminar-style activities were held on a local basis and face-to-face before Covid-19. However, face-to-face events, which have completely been halted due to the impact of the pandemic, have also started to be held over Zoom. 

We can talk about two main effects of this. The first is that informative events continue to be organized in some way, that is, the flow of information is not interrupted. The second effect is that there is an explosion in global demand for such events thanks to the advantage of being a click away from participating in an event that would normally be held on the other side of the world.

Zoom, which is the most preferred application in online meetings and trainings, has updated its infrastructure accordingly due to the demand for webinars and now supports webinars that have up to 1000 participants. For users who have much greater demand for their events, Zoom offers Zoom Pro users the option to broadcast the webinars on popular platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Workplace, YouTube, and Twitch.

If you regularly organize webinars and want to reach larger audiences, you can upgrade your Zoom account to Zoom Pro, broadcast your webinars live to reach your targeted audiences and present your information-filled events to many more people.

Recording Meetings on Zoom Cloud

Another advantage of Zoom Pro is the option to save meeting and webinar recordings to Zoom Cloud without taking up space on your computer. After recording in the free version of Zoom, you can only save it to your computer. Being able to save the video conferences only on a computer may be uncomfortable for some, and it can turn into a nightmare for those who have problems on their computer with the storage.

Of course, this is not the only advantage of the Cloud option in the Zoom Pro. You can also take advantage of different and useful features such as recording only the active speaker, saving the gallery view while active speaker being at the top, and (in English meetings) accessing the written transcription of the meeting. You can also share meetings and webinars recorded in the Cloud on social media or various websites.

More Executive Control and Comprehensive Reporting

Zoom gives Pro version owners a lot more control options compared to the Basic version. Account administrators have much more control over how users use Zoom. For example, administrators can remotely license users, remove users from the account, customize notifications, and enable cloud enrollment. 

Account administrators can also access the Reports section, which is exclusive to Zoom Pro license holders. Through this section, you can see how many meetings were held in the company, the time of the meetings and the duration of them, how many people and who attended, and much more details. To access the control benefits and comprehensive report retrieval features that Zoom Pro provides, you can upgrade your account to Zoom Pro and take advantage of these features.

Access More Than Zoom

On a Zoom Basic account, you can only access the classic Zoom with a time and participant limit. But there’s literally no limit to what you can do in Zoom Pro. When you have a Zoom Pro license, you can take advantage of a wide range of Zoom services without restrictions, including meeting licenses, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Webinars. 

You also get access to the Zoom API. By accessing the Zoom API, you can give your developers the ability to create an app for your Zoom Pro account, add Zoom infrastructure to your own solutions, create chatbots, and more. In this way, you can combine the capabilities of your developers with the Zoom infrastructure to offer brand new solutions.

For example, Vedubox, an all-in-one training and communication platform with dozens of features such as LMS, question bank, test, exam, e-commerce, corporate portal, live training, meeting, event management, gamification and more. Vedubox is a SAAS product that incorporates all the features of Zoom and much more using the Zoom API. 

Vedubox incorporates its own unique solution called Vedubox Live, which is used by many companies, individual users and the educational institutions. You can visit this address to learn more about Vedubox and Vedubox Live. 

By taking advantage of all these features mentioned above, you can maximize the user experience and increase productivity and get a more effective group of employees. 

Final Words

Zoom is an unrivaled video conferencing platform with many features even in its free version. An average of 300 million people a day make Zoom calls, attend training, meet with teammates or attend webinars. The Pro version of Zoom, which is used by so many people every day, is designed to give you a much higher level of experience. In addition, it continues to be constantly improved and new features are added. 

For example, the Zoom Whiteboard feature, which was recently renewed and put into use in accordance with today’s needs, was added to Zoom. You can visit this address to reach our blog post on how to use Zoom Whiteboard more effectively. 

With Zoom Pro, you can get rid of the time limit, run webinars and post them on social media, save your meetings to Zoom Cloud instead of storage space on your computer, and access many more features.

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